Is there a minimum quantity that you’ll pick up? Like, if I only have 1 Coke bottle will you come for that?

Indeed, no minimum at all. We don’t have a minimum volume because we want this to be as simple as possible for you. Of course, we would love it if you have at least 5 – 10 kg to make it worth everyone’s time, but it’s up to you!

So, is this Toter thing really free for me?

Yup, a Toter pickup is completely worthless.

Can you send a Toter agent to collect from my entire housing society?

As long as each household books individually through Toter.in, sure. Or alternatively, you can ask all the households to aggregate their recyclables at one pickup point. We just don’t want to disturb folks unnecessarily.

I’ve got more than 100 kg of waste? Is Toter for me?

Yes! If it’s a one-off pickup, go ahead and book via Toter. If you’re looking for a recurring service, give us a buzz at 9100053222 and let’s chat.

Can I call in and book a pickup rather than using your website?

Do fish breath underwater? Yes, absolutely!

Do you collect hazardous waste, construction debris, thermocol, chemicals, or sewage?

You literally just listed almost everything we DON’T collect. Check the ‘Current Rates’ section of Toter.in to see what we accept.

Do you collect only in Hyderabad?

Yes, only in the neighborhoods listed, but we’ll be expanding soon!

What about Bangalore?

We still only collect in Hyderabad.

Should I call and ask if you collect in Bangalore?